Akazawa Red – Unfortunately, Records of my Adventure Were Erased

Here’s one courtesy of Dekumon.

Also a quick notice. As some of you have likely noticed by now, things have been relatively slow on the blog this past month. I was recently offered a full-time gig, which is what’s been sucking up a good chunk of my time. As a result, releases will slow down a fair bit, but I will still be taking commissions going forward. They just won’t get released quite as often as they used to. If you’ve e-mailed me this past week, I’ll get back to you later today.

9 thoughts on “Akazawa Red – Unfortunately, Records of my Adventure Were Erased”

  1. I admit up front, I am not complaining about the work itself nor the author. My complaint is with SaHa’s naming style. First off, thank you for including all of the detail on the name line; however, why must you always put yourself first. That is like saying, it is your work. Lower your pride a little and put it right after the name of the manga or at the end, I admit, this is not nearly the worst. At least, your not like desudesu which releases a whole batch torrent with no more detail than who translated it and a name, which is not always accurate. Now that is a renaming nightmare. This is merely inconvenient and overly boastful. Please, do not take this personally, I am not attacking your character or translating ability. The latter of which, I am quite familiar with and very appreciative of. Thanks.

    1. Interesting post. I’ve only heard it a hundred times before. As it turns out, I’d also like to complain because I don’t think you should sign your posts with a net name that you attribute to yourself. That’s like saying the post is yours, but is it really? Did you make any actual effort to make this comment? Or was it wordpress that allowed you the capacity to make it? Perhaps you should sign every post from now on with “wordpress”, or at the very least “WordPress [Zagafon]” to clearly and thoroughly indicate you are the mud underneath WordPress’ boot. Anything else is just pretentious. Or better yet, maybe you should post under the name of “Tim Berners-Lee”, the guy who came up with HTML and the WWW. Or perhaps “Arpanet”? Or maybe the guy who came up with the very concept of the internet, “Leonard Kleinrock”. Because without them, you’d be nothing.

      That minute and a half you took to type this post clearly took no thought or effort that could be attributed to you personally, because the original creators of the internet did all the meaningful work. So why would you attach a name to your posts? Lower your pride a little and be another anonymous troll instead of a namefag.

      I admit, this is not nearly the worst troll bait I’ve seen, though it’s unique in the sense that it makes a roundabout attack on another translator, with whom I have no beef, in an attempt to make the argument sound more palatable to me. It’s like you’re gently caressing my balls in an attempt to distract me from the punches to the face. You’re right, though. Seeing as all I did was twiddle my thumbs and “Poof!”, out came the translation, I clearly can’t reasonably consider this my work, so my name shouldn’t even be in it. Frankly, why should I have any right to stamp my filthy credits in the chapter? I’ve been doing this all wrong for a decade. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. My boastful pride of boastfulness has magically shrunk three sizes. The artist name should obviously come first, because having their name front and center of their pirated work will clearly benefit them greatly and all will be right with the world. I mean, who the hell reads the second word in a filename anyways, amirite? This way, they’ll earn all the internets, and I’ve often found that earning internets puts food on the table. It’s all thanks to you. In fact, I think I’ll rename this “Zagafon’s webblog” in your honor. No wait. “[Wordpress] Zagafon’s weblog [SaHa]”. Gotta make sure everyone’s credited and it all goes in order of importance. You’ve done a great deed this day, my good man.

      On a more serious note…
      For someone with such intense feelings of respect for the artists, dare I ask what you’re doing downloading pirated translations of their work? If I’m to believe you have the moral high ground, then you’ll have to prove to me that you own a legitimate physical or digital raw copy of every scanlation you’ve ever downloaded. That way, you would have made your contribution to the artist. You should have every right to read it in a language you can understand. Do you own any? Even one? Or is the act of reading the author’s work without supporting them in any meaningful way what amounts to fandom nowadays? Maybe getting their name front and center of a pirated filename is your idea of “making a contribution”. Meanwhile, I’m sure the artist would much prefer that this translation never existed. Clearly, that doesn’t concern you though. Just that the filename is so terribly inconvenient for your needs.

      Please do not take this personally. You’re hardly the first to come along with the perception that translators “do no work”, and I doubt you’ll be the last.
      Leeches don’t generally bother me because they grab their stuff and go fap. They don’t stop to tell me that their free content didn’t have all the trimmings they paid for.
      Then there are the leeches who pretend they have some moral authority. Like they’re standing up for the rights of the poor, beleaguered artists while imagining how their diet must consist of good vibes from random internet SJWs.

      As if turns out, I have an excellent solution to your problem, and it only takes about 5 seconds of your blood, sweat, and tears, but I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you, you poor thing. Cheers.

      1. SaHa, this is the most made of win post I’ve seen in years. My congrats on this erudite examination of morality in troll posts.
        I laughed out loud in several places. You’ve got a great pointed style. 🙂

  2. It’s OK, the only problem I have with this one is that it’s not really a preg manga. All she did was swallow the dude whole; and a humanoid eating a person whole, yeah it makes the stomach expand to the point that it looks like the humanoid is pregnant.

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