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So I figured out the problem…

Apparently, the wordpress theme I use for the website is conflicting with the new version of wordpress, and that’s why the comments section of the more recent posts is returning an error 500 message.
What this means is that I now need to hunt down a new theme for the blog… God damn it…
If anyone has suggestions for themes that make any sense, they can let me know. I’m actually not too unhappy with this basic one here, but I may decide to commission an artist to give it a header, at least.

SaHa Batch Torrent March 2015 and General Sticky (Updated March 2015)

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of March 2015. This only contains the files that are either new or updated since the January 2014 batch torrent.
March 2015 UPDATES ONLY (Note: Approximately 10 gigs.)

If you need anything released prior to January 2014, that torrent is still avaiable and seeded here:
Full January 2014 Batch (Note: This is approximately 49.5 gigs.)