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Mogiki Hayami – Spoiled Little Brother & Sweet Sister

Here’s one courtesy of Mercury01.

Before anyone asks, yes, I know all the Mega links are dead. Someone managed to get the whole account closed, so deposit and rapidgator are the only options for now. I may look into setting up a new batch torrent this month, but I probably won’t have time to do it right away. As for the return of Mega links. I probably won’t be reuploading them anytime soon. These things tend to come in waves. Whoever did it this time will probably fuck off in about a week or two.

SaHa Batch Torrent March 2015

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of March 2015. This only contains the files that are either new or updated since the January 2014 batch torrent.
March 2015 UPDATES ONLY (Note: Approximately 10 gigs.)

If you need anything released prior to January 2014, that torrent is still avaiable and seeded here:
Full January 2014 Batch (Note: This is approximately 49.5 gigs.)