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SaHa Batch Torrent March 2015

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of March 2015. This only contains the files that are either new or updated since the January 2014 batch torrent.
March 2015 UPDATES ONLY (Note: Approximately 10 gigs.)

If you need anything released prior to January 2014, that torrent is still avaiable and seeded here:
Full January 2014 Batch (Note: This is approximately 49.5 gigs.)

Buru – Leona Vs Zyra

Here’s my newest artwork commission courtesy of Buru. You can also find more of his work on his Tumblr.

Also, since I haven’t given any news on the Zoey comic in a while, here’s an update. Essentially, Ganassa’s got the whole comic sketched out at this point, so everything’s in place. At the moment, he’s going through all the linework. I believe he has 2 unreleased pages complete in that regard, but he has several more left to go. After that he’ll begin coloring them 1 by 1 and that’s presumably when the releases will resume.