SaHa Batch Torrent January 2014 and General Sticky (Updated June 13)

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of January 2014. If you’ve been seeding the March 2013 torrent, this should recognize all the old files and replace any files that have been updated.
January 2014 UPDATES ONLY (ie: Only contains what has been released since March 2013. Approximately 6 gigs.)
Full January 2014 Batch (ie: This is all 49.5 gigs.)

As of right now, the commission lists are up. Most of the covers and release numbers should be in there, but there may be a few holes here and there. I still need to fill in the artist/title/content info, but anything that has been released should have a ddl link(With a handful of exceptions that I still need to identify and fix)