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Here’s what you need to provide when commissioning something with me:
-E-mail me a link to the commission to sahadou at gmail dot com. Upload it to a file hosting site. Mediafire, Rapidgator, Mega, depositfiles, whatever.

Once you’ve e-mailed me with a link to the commission, I will respond with the price and a rough estimation of when I can start working on it. Prices are typically $1.80 per page, however the following can potentially cause the price to rise:
-An excessive amount of text, such as Example 1 or Example 2(Approximately 400 characters each).
-An excessive amount of background text cleaning, such as Example 1 or Example 2.

For reference purposes, a standard-priced doujin might have a mix of pages that look something more like this(142 characters) and this(46 characters).

Note that I’m often overloaded, and I do lose track of e-mails from time to time. If I don’t respond to you within 3 days, you can try to send me a bump e-mail.
Also, it could be a few weeks before I can start working on your doujin/manga due to the fact that I’m often backlogged.

What I will/won’t do:
-I will translate almost any doujin/manga regardless of content. I primarily draw the line at violent and cruel/painful torture where the girl is (typically) slowly ripped apart. For example, almost anything by “Kaki no Boo” is a no-go. It’s not a matter of morals for me, it’s just that the content makes me extremely sick to my stomach and it’s very unpleasant to work on(Yes, I’ve tried working on stuff like that before).
Otherwise, the fetishes are largely fair game.

Typically, once I begin working on your commission, it will take roughly 3 days to complete, or 2 weeks for a larger 200 page hmanga. Sometimes, I can get your commission done by the following morning if I have nothing else in the way. Note that I will require advance payment of at least 50% for first-time commissioners with the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion, but before I send you the final product.

If you spot typos or anything else you’d like fixed, you should notify within a month of the completion of your commission and I will fix them up asap. After a month has passed, I reserve the right to deny fixes. While I may agree to fix stuff later, this is primarily to protect myself in cases where a commissioner returns 5 years later asking for fixes. Cases like that are not reasonable as I typically remove content from my pc after several months and retrieving them can prove difficult.

Refund policy: If I haven’t started working on your commission or I’m really not far along, I may agree to a full refund. For example, if you’ve paid for a commission and the very next day, you notice that someone else translated it before I can complete it, contact me ASAP to inquire about a refund and it may be possible. If you choose to wait until the translation is complete to let me know that some other guy finished it 5 days earlier, I won’t be very sympathetic. Once I’ve begun working on it in earnest, there are no refunds of any kind. Assuming you’ve paid the initial 50% and have decided to not cover the remaining 50% payment upon completion, you will forfeit your initial payment and receive nothing.

41 thoughts on “Commission Info”

  1. Hi, i just send you a few pages from another project that where left untranslated aaking abou the costs ivolved in the translation and how much time it will take, did you received the e-mail?

    Kind Regards

    1. What date did you send it on.
      I’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails recently and I’m having trouble keeping track of everything that’s coming in. Suffice it to say I likely won’t be able to start on anything new for about 3 weeks. Maybe 2, but probably 3. So early/mid April.

  2. ^same issue as the guy above, sent an email around 12 or so days back, then resent it on Friday or so and just resent it.

  3. Hello,
    I’ve already commissionned some doujinshi to you this year but never recieved a reply to the emails I sent you this month (the last one was Monday).
    I’m not sure if you’d gotten the email or if it was filtered out.
    Could you contact me if you’d be willing to accept my new commission ?

  4. Hey SaHa I send you a request but I still haven’t got an answer. You are probably busy but I would like to know if you can get the time

  5. I can’t download commission 1826 for some reason. Kept saying you have already downloaded, time to move on.

  6. Sent an email ‘Commission Request’ a few days ago and haven’t received a response. Checking in here to see if maybe the message went to the spam folder.

  7. Hi SaHa!! I was wondering about… What type of font had you used for your works?? (especially on women moanings)

    1. I might fit it in over my xmas break, but I can’t guarantee anything at this stage. I’m only getting a week off, and I still have 1 large project to knock out of the way. If I manage to complete that reasonably quickly and I don’t get stuck with too many other distractions, I’ll see about fitting those in.

  8. Hello,
    Are you taking any commissions at the moment? I have a non-nude ecchi doujin I’d like to commission if possible. It’s a total of 23 pages.

  9. What about the Abarenbow Tengu Kotori 12, 13 and 14 translation into English?? Actually, there is another related book of Kotori series called: Japunika (It will be part of C92)

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