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Here’s the new Donor Projects page. These are projects currently in progress. If you’d like to contribute to any of them, you can contact me through e-mail at sahadou at gmail dot com.

Donor Project 1 (Commission Release #1708)

Circle-Title: Charlie Nishinaka – Cheers!
Content: Straight Sex
Current Contributors: Anonymous, blackscarlet, ncf, Drake, Keko, Anonymous+, McFate, Omega999.
Currently released chapters: Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 Vol.5 Vol.6 Vol.7 Vol.8 Vol.9 Vol.10 Vol.11
Chapters remaining: 21 (Ongoing?)
Current level of funding: Chapter 98-99.

Donor Project 2 (Commission Release #1709)

Circle-Title: Takeshi Ohta – Secret Little Ecstasy
Content: Straight Sex/Loli/Rape
Current Contributors: Elecdrago
Currently released chapters: Here
Chapters remaining: 6
Current level of funding: Unfunded.

Donor Project 3 (Commission Release #1862)

Circle-Title: Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki
Content: Straight Sex/Tentacles/Rape/Ecchi
Current Contributors: andromedakun, fapfapfap
Currently released chapters: Vol.1
Chapters remaining: 8 (Ongoing?)
Current level of funding: Unfunded.

14 thoughts on “Donor Projects”

  1. You guys used to scanlate Gakuen Heaven. I was wondering if your still doing so or if you dropped it?

    Or, is it a matter of no donation contributions to encourage its completion?

    1. It was never set up as a donor project, but it would be open to anyone if they want to continue funding it. Obviously, it’s a very long series, so it would take a while to actually finish it.

      1. I guess the next logical question is ‘how much donation’ does the average donor project get ? I think this one was half way through? (46 of 82 done?)

  2. I got a cleaned scans of Kotori 11, 13 & 14 just to be re-writing into English as well as the scans in japanese… I wonder if someone is willing to translate them

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