11 thoughts on “Hinemosu Notari – Mesu-Nized Festival Ch.6”

  1. Thanks Mike for keeping it up.
    This is how things may work out, if everyone helps a little bit, we can complete it.

  2. this is one of the hottest things i’ve seen, dear lord, and there’s another story to come… thank you so very much for translating these, you bring light into our lives in hte form of really hot translated mangas. mmmmmmgood!

    1. Btw, does anyone know what happened to that one?
      I know Katou Jun takes his time, but I’m not sure the series will continue…

      1. For what it’s worth, there was a full year gap between chapter 10 and chapter 11, so there’s always a chance he’ll come up with a new chapter one of these days. I can’t imagine what takes him so long to release chapters to that series, though.

        1. Maybe he lost interest in it. Frequently manga authors want to focus on other projects that they are more interested in, rather than continuing or completing the fan-favorite ones.

          For instance, Kurumada, the author of Saint Seiya, even went to the point where he’s other manga (Ring ni Kakero) needed to become an anime in order for him to continue Seiya’s.

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