4 thoughts on “Overdose – Birthday”

  1. Any chance of a chapter 2 to Overdose-Birthday? That look in the MC’s eye after he saw what the guy did to her. That was an I’m going to do what I have to do to get the girl and kick some ass kind of look. He lives with her so he kind of has the upper hand in fucking her when ever he wants and doing what he can to keep her there with him. Sometimes you have to play dirty to get what you really want. If you want her and love her then get off your ass and fight for her.

  2. Dark – was expecting darker from an NTR. Which is good as I’m not a giant fan.

    But it’s interesting how the male protagonist just ‘cries’ about these things and doesn’t ‘man up’.

    Though I can’t be the only one thinking at the end ‘he’s either going to kill her or put her through some sort of hell to claim her as his own.

    1. I think if there’s a chapter 2 the female character is going to be ridden and ridden hard by the MC. The MC is pissed and both her and the guy making her into his sex slave are probably in for a bad time. The MC wants her and he seems to have been pushed to the breaking point and will do anything to get her back and make her his. She maybe surprised what she helped turn the MC into.

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