5 thoughts on “Ozaki Miray – The Great Escape Ch.40-41”

  1. Since you guys seem to have taken the reins of this series from the now-defunct groups who were doing it, do you have any plans on translating a few of the older one-shot entries in the series which (as far as I know) haven’t been?

    Specifically I’m referring to “Himitsu chapter 5” and “KISS HUG” which is the second part of the ‘Lion Heart’ spin-off. (For some reason, parts 1 & 3 were translated, but 2 was not.)

  2. I was hoping to get Volume 1 & 2 but the link on the earlier post is dead. I know they are not SaHa releases, but I would love to get a copy of them. Can they be uploaded here, or is there a good place to look?

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