7 thoughts on “Raita – Mahou Shoujo Compilation 3”

  1. Thanks saha and Omega999 as always! Hey, Saha you tled the first two right? Was there any extra things in them? It seems this third one has new stuff.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, the first compilation included Vol.1-2 and maybe some bonus stuff. That one is the one that I worked on. I don’t believe I’ve seen a scan of Mahou Shoujo Vol. 1 and Vol.2 in a separate format.

      I never did the compilation Vol.2, but I’m assuming the hot spring chapter was taken from that volume and I released that as its own separate thing. The rest of the book was never scanned or released, but it was presumably just Vol.3-7, seeing as Compilation 3 appears to contain Vol.8-12 along with the bonus chapter included in this release.

      Again, Compilation 3 was not fully scanned/released, so I’ve only got these pages here, which are probably the only new pages of note.

      1. I am so looking forward for more RAITA – MAHOU SHOUJO. the best hentai manga I have already read. Ty so much for adding these keep up with the good work.

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