10 thoughts on “Rusty Soul – Brandish Ch.43”

  1. damn, can’t believe it’s been more than 5 years already.
    buncha thanks for all the hard work!

  2. The tank isn’t scanned yet. Even the image i used is far from full res. it’s maybe 500 wide
    Just wait for someone to scan it.

      1. Based on what I can see, it’s just a mention that there’s an OVA 1-2 currently on sale. They’re not new. They came out several months ago, so it’s not a new announcement, just an FYI.

  3. Thanks so much for translating Brandish. ^^
    Is there really no more? No epilogue? Nothing with Twiska wearing that wedding dress? Kinda sudden ending, with her seemingly just abandoning the throne like that. Not bad though. o.o

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