SaHa Batch Torrent March 2015 and General Sticky (Updated March 2015)

Here’s the newest SaHa batch torrent of translated manga and doujin as of March 2015. This only contains the files that are either new or updated since the January 2014 batch torrent.
March 2015 UPDATES ONLY (Note: Approximately 10 gigs.)

If you need anything released prior to January 2014, that torrent is still avaiable and seeded here:
Full January 2014 Batch (Note: This is approximately 49.5 gigs.)

19 thoughts on “SaHa Batch Torrent March 2015 and General Sticky (Updated March 2015)”

    1. That was just a re-post of the “old” torrent.
      Let him finish with this hassle before thinking of a new torrent.

      I had a problem with the January 2014 torrent, so I continued seeding the one before that, PLUS the UPDATE.

  1. Anyone can email documents to you in most the popular formats such as.
    So there I go again buying every copy of “Warlock along with the Infinity Watch” or, God
    let me, “The Defenders”. You could also notice a significant improvement on your bowel movement.

  2. Is there any way to remove the [SaHa] from [SaHa]xxxx? (being the xxxx the name of the manga)
    Just because of the name on ComicRack being only SaHa or SaHa#1 on every single manga.

    oh, and I’m asking on mass files, not file by file :p
    That or can someone please recommend me a good comic viewer program that uses 2 pages at the same time?

      1. You can use any batch renamer to do that, like metamorphose2 or Bulk Rename Utility

        On another note keep up the good work Saha, love your releases :3

        25TB uploaded on the current batch and counting, go go pervert friends :3

    1. there is a program called total commander that is FREE that can rename mass amounts of files. I use it all the time. Makes quick work of renaming.

    1. That’s because (and several other anime related sites) are currently being hit with a DDoS attack.

  3. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A3D57B4026838093E93AD3B90A75E3508CF1C26E&dn=SaHa&

    its very very slow though not sure if not enough seeders or what

  4. When can we expect to see another batch torrent? I know your busy, just curious.

    Thanks for all the work!

    1. Right after xmas. Maybe new year’s. Waiting until after that since there will be sl-gundam’s usual xmas batch going out and i’m hoping to finish off a number of other things by then.

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