3 thoughts on “Sena Youtarou – Natsu Jiru Ch.3”

  1. Nice release. Just mentioning, perhaps “Rihito”‘s name is the German word “Licht”. It is at least an actual surname in real life (so not a given name, but close enough – that he also has a German name would make sense in the story). It could also be “Richt”, but that is less likely I think (since rarer as a surname). Just giving a suggestion to use or ignore as wanted.

    1. It’s entirely possible. The name is written in katakana, so it’s clearly not a native Japanese name, and given the numerous references to the characters being german or at least half german, you’re likely correct. Plus the girl is named Gretel.

      Obviously i don’t speak german, so i can’t say for sure which one of the two the artist is going for. All i can say is that it’s phonetically “rihito” or “lihito”. The series isn’t too far along, so i could change the name to Licht or Richt depending on what people feel is more appropriate.

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