13 thoughts on “Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki Ch.1-4”

  1. If I may…

    page 009: “sraight”
    page 029: “anything made up of protein” -> anything not made up of protein.
    [Yes, it’s highly dumb because most textiles ARE made of proteins, but that’s what he went with. *shrug*]
    page 034: “silicon” the element, not silicone the synthetic polymer. As in she’s a silicon-based lifeform instead of a carbon-based one.
    page 067: “got mixed up in the battle” -> got you mixed up in the battle.
    page 079: “meny”

    Thanks for working on this. 🙂

        1. I believe the commissioner intends to continue with the rest, but he hasn’t asked me to proceed with the rest just yet. He said he intended to get 2-3 chapters done per month, so chances are there won’t be any more for at least a few more weeks.

          1. I will commission chapters 5-8 for August and probably commission the end of volume 1 (chapters 9 and 10) beginning of September.

            The only problem I have at the moment is volume 3 as the raws I have don’t have all the pages. Will try to find someone to re-scan them ;).

            Anyway, I’m glad that so many people seem to like this series 😉


          2. Hmm… I see what you mean about the missing pages. Didn’t notice at first glance.

            Any way we can turn this into a donor project ?

          3. Hi fap^3,

            I have no idea how to set up a donor project but if some people are interested to commission other chapters I have no issue with it.

            At the moment I have commissioned till the end of volume 1 and will start on volume 2 next month.

  2. Hi SaHa,

    Seing that you have taken up Seishokuki, are you aware that I did a translation of chapter 17 (and a few pages of chapter 18, just to finish the story arc), two months ago?

    Link can be found at top of my blog.

    I am not working on other chapters, though.


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