Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki Ch.32-33

Here are a couple more courtesy of fapfapfap.

Vol.4 Ch.28-33

So Mega seems to be acting wonky for people. It was for me, as well. Switching from firefox to IE seems to have corrected the issue, but I still don’t know what the deal is there. If people end up having trouble with it, I’ll see about changing it for something else.

6 thoughts on “Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki Ch.32-33”

  1. As always thanks Sayo and fapfapfap for the release.
    Firefox user here, and Mega just worked fine while downloading this release. In my experience problems are more likely to be the fault of some extension rather than the browser…

  2. Mega is work properly for me again after I removed its plugin. I think they ceased support for it because of Mozilla’s changed add-on policy.

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