5 thoughts on “Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki Ch.40-41”

    1. Not exactly, but I’ve been severely overloaded with full-time work, as well as taking care of a very sick family member. Details of which I’d rather not go into.

      I’ll post up a couple more chapters of Seishokuki tomorrow morning and try to address the slowdown, but the long and short of it is that my blog output will probably never return to the same as what it used to be. Right now, I’m struggling to fit in even 100 pages worth of commissions per month and I’m having even more trouble figuring out how to respond to new commission requests since I simply can’t get through them in any reasonable amount of time. Prior to December, I had some leeway to fit in commissions here and there, but the aforementioned family health issues struck in early January and that’s been taking up an extraordinary amount of my time.

      I wouldn’t say the site is dead and buried, but it’s definitely on the back burner. The largest bulk of my translations over the past year(Well over 12 thousand pages) have been through Fakku. I’m essentially handling the bulk of their magazine releases. Namely X-Eros, Kairakuten and Shitsurakuten. Roughly 1200 pages a month. It used to be 900 until Shitsurakuten was added on in March/April, which corresponds with the last time I released anything on this site. In other words, as soon as my workload got boosted by an additional 300 pages, any free time I had left between work and hospital visits went out the door.

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