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  1. I have a favor to ask, hope you forgive me.

    DMP is currently having a kickstarter for Kodomo no Jikan(yes, years after the Seven Seas debacle, there might still be an actual English publication of Kodomo no Jikan).
    Unfortunately, the campaign is pretty stalled, though there’s still over 20 days to go.

    Being the original scanlator of Kodomo no Jikan, it would help tremendously if you made a short mention of it in a front post. There’s bound to be plenty of traffic here by those it would appeal to, and people who originally read it here might want to pitch in towards Kaworu Watashiya sensei in appreciation.

    As for anyone reading this, any help, whether pitching in for the campaign itself, or helping to spread the word, is very much appreciated.

    Watashiya’s twitter, which also has a link to the kickstarter campaign; https://twitter.com/watashiya

    1. I’m glad the Kickstarter was not only a success but they got so many contributions that they had to create new Tiers. Though I saw your post to late and wasn’t able to help. Has SaHa died? It’s been 3 months. Boy first YQII decides to stop I hope SaHa doesn’t.

  2. Thanks for telling me about the Kickstarter. I’m very tempted to make this the first Kickstarter I back and I’ve shared the link on the one forum I thought I could get away with mentioning it.

  3. @RevyTwoHand: Actually, I’d argue it was the other way round and the Kickstarter got funded in large part thanks to the extra tiers. Then again, it was my first Kickstarter and it might have succeeded regardless. Anyways, Saha has ben confirmed to be doing Kodomo no Jikan’s official translation, so hopefully it’s just a case of him being too busy with professional translation work to put in much time with scanlation.

  4. Thank for this serie Saha, it’s really hot and the story is good too.
    But it’s not possible to find the chapter 34-35 anywhere, the links is dead (and for fulls vol 1-4 too).

    It’s possible for having a new upload at least for this 2 chapters please?

    1. I’ll put up a set of new links tonight. Need to add 4 more chapters while I’m at it.
      Will be dropping mega though. I’ve had 4 accounts shut down and i’m tired of making new e-mail accounts for new mega accounts

      1. They close accounts after 5 DMCA notices. If the email accounts are the only obstacle, your can just register with a throwaway service like sharklasers dot com. Worked flawlessly last time I checked.

  5. @zel Te batch torrent contains all 13 volumes (excluding Houkago no Jikan(Special) which can be found in the other torrent).

  6. @zel Sorry, I mistakenly thought we were talking about Kodomo no Jikan. But unless the stuff is very recent, they should be found in those two torrents as well.

    1. Thank Blanchimont, but i have already see the batch torrent, and it’s not here.

      [SaHa] Senbon Torii – FallenXXAngel 9 (English).rar
      [SaHa] Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki Vol.1 (English).rar
      [SaHa] Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki Vol.2 (English).rar
      [SaHa] Shinji Inamitsu – Seishokuki Vol.3 (English).rar
      [SaHa] Shoot The Moon – One-Man Mercenary Army 2

  7. I have not been able to read these chapters for a while, the links have been dead for every chapter you released. trying to get 34-43

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