What’s been going on this past year

As many have no doubt noticed by now, I haven’t exactly been active over the past year or so.

For those who aren’t already aware, I’ve been working full time on Fakku’s magazine chapters since April of 2015. I can’t remember the exact number of chapters done so far, but it’s in the low thousands. Initially, this was roughly 2 magazines at 900 pages a month. It has since expanded to 3 magazines at 1200 pages a month + a tankoubon/doujin here and there. I recently did the TL for ShindoL’s Metamorphosis, which has started coming out and should be fully released within the next 3 days. The book might not be to everyone’s taste, but I would recommend it if you can stomach a very depressing story.

As you can imagine, having to do 1400-1500 pages a month doesn’t leave me with loads of free time, so I’ve been limiting incoming commissions primarily to completing/continuing series that are “under my umbrella” so to speak. I’ve had other more personal matters that have sucked many hours out of my days, but I’d rather not go into that. Suffice it to say it’s an ongoing issue, and I’m not expecting it to improve anytime soon.

If you’ve e-mailed me in the past few months, there’s a good chance I haven’t replied. Simply put, I haven’t had any time to go through e-mails and even less time to reply to them. I do have a couple of commissions in progress that I am hoping to finish by the end of the year, as well as a kickstarter project you may be familiar with. After that, I may decide to shut down commissions entirely. I “might” choose to continue the very rare series like Seishokuki or Dulce Report, but the past year has made it pretty clear to me that I’ve had no free time and I kinda want some of it back. While I do expect to get my weekends back once the kickstarter is complete in early 2017, I’d like to devote some of that time to practicing some of my 3D work. Something I’ve had to put on the back burner for months since completing my course.

As for what my plans are for this website/blog, I haven’t yet decided. I’ll need to give it some thought, but I’ve more or less settled on shutting down the commissions partially if not entirely once the new year rolls around.

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  1. Glad to hear back from you. While it’s a shame that there will be less updates in this blog, at least you get financed for those translations on FAKKU (right?) so that’s a good thing, I suppose.

    I honestly wish you the best of luck for your endeavors to come. Losing this site would be a blow to my usual h-manga hunting routine but I’ll definitely see you around at FAKKU, I guess.

  2. Congrats on the full time!

    *blatant plug* I was just about to bump an email I’d sent you :p Would you consider Kaiten Sommelier’s Shiritsu Risshin Gakuen “under your umbrella”? You did the individual chapters, but they added a new one with the tank, awhile back. Thanks!

    1. I think I was asked to do that one almost a year ago. Back then, I thought I’d still have time to fit it in, but I don’t know if it’s feasible given how long it is. Also, while I’ve technically done a chapter or 2 from it, that’s nearly ten years ago at this point. I don’t know if I’d really consider it as something “under my umbrella”. Either way, there isn’t the slightest chance I’d be able to fit it in before next year, so unless you’re willing to wait a ridiculous amount of time for me to finish it, it’s probably an unrealistic project for me to attempt at this stage.

      1. Hehe, the obsessive in me would like to see the last chapter done by the same person that did the rest. What, mid-late 2017 you think?

        But if it’s one more project on a seemingly endless mountain for you, don’t worry about it. 🙂

        1. I wouldn’t be able to commit to anything right now. Especially not for something of that size. Just to give you an idea of how long it might take… Chances are I won’t be able to start it before mid-way into next year. Just assuming I start it around then, it’s doubtful I’ll have it finished before December given the size of it. So unless you’re willing to wait over an entire year to see it complete, I’m probably not your best option at this stage.

          1. Well dang, a year for two dozen pages? You really are packed full, hehe.
            I guess I’ll try to shop around. Best wishes with Fakku!

          2. Ah, I assumed you wanted the whole book done. If it’s only 12 pages, it could be feasible, but likely not before 2017. The rest of this year is definitely overloaded for me.

          3. Yeah boss like I said, you had done the 5 individual chapters (I think they’re in the 700s on your Commission List). Then they added a 6th when they made a tank. I didn’t even know about that last chapter until a few months ago.

            But that’s enough spamming your info thread. I’ll email(pester) you early next year

  3. NICE, now we knoe that fakku has some decent translators ^^.

    are you the one doing the TS for amanoja’s pieces?

    1. I will be doing the TL for Amanoja, or at least that’s the plan. That said, it’s not being actively worked on at the moment. I’m currently working on a different book, but I’m uncertain if it was announced publicly yet, so I’ll opt not to give the name at this time. My guess is it’ll probably come out by the end of the year because I think there are 2-3 other books that the editors are nearly done with.

      Most of my time is spent on the magazines, so I don’t do a ton of books. It’ll probably be 1 every 2-3 months.

      1. amanoja 2 months ago tweeted some info about the deal with fakku, and the fakku account at twitter answered the doubts we had about the shipment and rage-cost of amanoja’s book.

        so kinda yeah, some info was oficially leaked in the right way 😛

  4. Nice job with Fakku! Thanks for all the translations over the years. Were you going to release a final batch torrent after closing commissions?

    1. I might release a final torrent either late this year or early next year. Just a fair warning that if I do create a new torrent, I will be removing certain licensed books from the torrent when this occurs.

  5. Personally I like a happy (or at least an okay) ending to a sad one. I feel that no matter what the person get put through I can accept if the ending they are happy or at least as ok as they can be. Like that story about the guy that gets turned into a futa (sorry cause of my Asperger’s can’t recall the title). Finds “she” (as she still seems to do the dialog in her head as if she was a guy) is now VERY sensitive to the touch. Gets Mind broke from getting NTR’ed away from the girl “she” likes. Ends up (if I remember right) Prostituting “Herself” out for anal gets pregnant I think(?) but not sure. While the girl “she” likes finds out her situation and asks the doctor to do the same thing to her. Finds her by getting a “date” with her to reunite. They then find each other and while everything is still kinda screwed up, it had a nice ending with them together. That’s the ones I like.

    And sorry to hear you go, but I have probably bought some of the FAKKUs you’ve done. So thx for all the fun! 🙂

      1. It’s probably fair to compare it to TSF in a few ways. Namely in the fact that both books involve a high school character who gets obsessed with sex and gets pregnant by the end. Aside from that, the stories differ greatly, though.

        TSF relies almost entirely on the fantasy of what it would be like to wake up one morning as the opposite sex. While the character is engaging in much of the same behavior(ie: promiscuous sex), there aren’t any stakes or repercussions. The character doesn’t suffer at all, and actually ends up quite happy with his/her life by the end.

        Metamorphosis is much more grounded in reality. It’s essentially a representation of every parent’s worst nightmare about how their child’s life can go horribly off the rails when they get in with the wrong crowd. The main character makes a sequence of very poor life choices and is raked over the coals at every possible opportunity. It goes to some very dark places and there is no happy ending.

  6. Do you still plan on translating Curse eater ?
    No rush my man and i wish the best of luck at FAKKU ! They’re lucky to have someone like you.

  7. Hopefully, if you do a new torrent, you will include a readme stating what was removed and why? I don’t mind buying licensed things, but it would help my ocd if you made notes of what I need to obtain.

  8. I am hoping that you will compile and build new torrent right now even if there is 1 new release as previous torrent is too old..

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